Well, for school reasons I have to use Windows, also I like the messenger and the Windows Media, that’s why I decided to use the Virtualization.

Right now my Linux and my windows appears to be interacting.

Ok, I’m gonna explain how to do this.

I’m using innotek VirtualBox to do this, you can get it from http://www.virtualbox.org, well once you have installed it, you have to run it, but VirtualBox has a little problem, the Virtualbox Drive (/dev/vboxdrv) has root privileges, we got to chage this, to do it, we’re going to open a terminal and write:

# sudo chown fobia:fobia /dev/vboxdrv

fobia:fobia, is my username:group, you have to change that for your username and group, if you’re using linux normally, the username and the group will be the same.

Now, we run virtualbox from Applications-> System Tools->innotek VirtualBox, you’ll got this window.


After that we’ll make a virtual machine following the instructions, actually, it’s pretty simple, I installed the WindowsXP in my virtual machine, once it’s installed, we run it.

We wait until it start, then we got the Windows screen, when we achieve this part, the virtual machine is working, like a fresh windows install.


Now we’re going to install Guest Additions in Devices menu, once the installation is done. In Machine menu we got Seamless Mode active.

Just click it or use Left Ctrl+L to use it, and the host system and the guest system will be integrated.

Screenshot, Windows in Linuxvirtualbox2

Isn’t it cool??