The New Stage

mayo 5, 2008

Well the time of dancing, hanging up is over, now I start the new school time.

I’ll be back with more posts, I’m downloading the Debian Lenny Testing I’ll post how it’s going with it.

See u in the next post



marzo 24, 2008

Well here we are with my first post, I did this blog cuz i wanna talk about what i do with my system and other stuff, actually, I’ll write about whatever I want   =)

Well my equipement it this:

Laptop Acer 5720

– 2gb Ram

– Intel Core 2 Duo

– Intel X3100

– Realtek Audio(Linux detetcs the HDA Intel driver)

– Intel Wireless 3945ABG

Everything you read here, will be done with my laptop, so if something doesn’t work with your computer, let me know, and I’ll write a solution, or maybe someone else can help us.

So,  enjoy it